Fun Facts

Spotted Tree Frogs are the ‘couch potatoes’ of the frog world. They are very sedentary, and most move less than 80 meters over several years.

These frogs have lots of brothers and sisters! Parents lay between 50-1000 eggs during each breeding season. Eggs are buried beneath boulders in fast-flowing streams.

Spotted Tree Frogs play a critical role in their local ecosystem by keeping the streams clean and healthy through feeding on the algae.

The Spotted Tree Frog was classified by the IUCN Red List as Critically Endangered in 2004. Source: Jean-Marc Hero, Graeme Gillespie, Peter Robertson, Murray Littlejohn, Frank Lemckert. 2004. Litoria spenceri. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species2004: e.T12154A3328048. Accessed on 28 July 2023.