From kinder to kitchen

Why we started Audrey & Alfie

Audrey & Alfie was created by Carly & Zoe, childhood friends who united over a passion to support families to provide their children nutritious, wholesome meals and snacks without spending hours planning, preparing and cleaning up. 

Photo of toddlers - Audrey and Alfie playing together

We're part of your village

As parents ourselves, we know first-hand how challenging keeping little people fed and nourished can be. Spending hours planning, shopping and making meals that end up on the floor isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. And that's if you've even got the time to prepare/shop/make them in the first place. Not to mention, keeping up with demanding snack requests from growing little people!

Audrey and Alfie Co-Founders - Zoe and Carly, sitting our a couch with their children

Parents are juggling enough

You see, we've been there, and still are. We've juggled numerous commitments on top of being a parent. We've had to choose between preparing nutritious meals & snacks for our children, and time for ourselves. And we've ended up exhausted.

That’s why we created Audrey and Alfie. Because we believe that parents are juggling enough, and choosing between good nutrition and time with your little ones (or for yourself!) is a choice no parent should have to make. 

Audrey and Alfie's chicken nuggets with hidden veg, served with corn, tomatoes and beans

Creating the solution we needed ourselves

And so we created the solution that we needed for ourselves: high quality, nutritious meals and snacks, ready-made and delivered to your door. We make our meals and snacks with whole foods, so you can relax knowing your little one is getting the nutrition they need to play and grow, whilst enjoying some well-deserved time for YOU. We've designed our range with options for all ages and stages, on-the-go or at home. We choose locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible, keeping quality high and food miles low. They are the same recipes we use with our own families. We love them, and we know you will too.

Audrey and Alfie Co-Founders - Zoe and Carly

Friends since kinder

Working together is special for us too. We've been friends since 3yo kinder, living two houses down from each other in the same street right up until our University days.

And while we have long shared a passion for nutrition and wellbeing (Zoe is a Dietitian and Carly is a wellbeing and education policy professional), it wasn’t until we had our own children that we truly appreciated the ‘parenting juggle’.