Fun Facts

Bilbies are believed to have lived in Australia for up to 15 million years, with fossil remains of Bilby ancestors found in QLD!

Bilbies spend a lot of time in burrows to help protect them from predators and the hot Australian sun. Each Bilby may have up to 12 burrows, and they dig a new burrow every few weeks. All of this digging is really helpful to the environment. Bilbies are considered ‘ecosystem engineers’, as their digging helps restore soil health and promote vegetation growth, which is so critical in the dry, desert areas they live in. Their burrows are also used by other native animals. 

Like other marsupials, female Bilbies have pouches for their joeys, but these pouches are backward-facing to prevent sand getting in when they dig. 

Bilbies have poor eyesight so rely on their excellent hearing (thanks to their large ears) and a keen sense of smell to find food and escape from predators.

Bilbies don’t need to drink water as they get enough moisture from their food. This helps them survive in dry conditions and deserts in Australia.

Greater Bilbies are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List. Source: Burbidge, A.A. & Woinarski, J.2016.Macrotis lagotis.The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species2016: e.T12650A21967189. Accessed on 28 July 2023.