Choking First Aid

Choking First Aid

Starting solids can be a really exciting time for many parents. But it also comes with a whole new learning curve, for both parents and babies. 

 Supervising your baby or child at all times while eating is very important, to ensure your baby remains in a safe eating position (sitting and supported), and so you can act quickly if your child does start choking. 

Note: non-food items can also pose a choking risk. This article by Raising Children Australia contains some examples of non-food choking hazards.

It is highly recommended that all parents and carers attend a baby first aid course. Feeling equipped with first aid knowledge before you start, can make the whole process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Rhythm First Aid is providing $20 off their first aid course to all Audrey & Alfie Customers with the code 'AA20'.

 This flow chart on choking first aid was developed by Rhythm First Aid. Permission has been sought to share this flow chart on our website.


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