Why and how to help your child eat more seeds

Why and how to help your child eat more seeds

We need to talk about seeds.

And not because of any relation to Kevin, but because they are so darn brilliant.

Most people know that nuts are nutrition powerhouses, but did you know that seeds share many of their benefits? The quiet achiever of the class, seeds are often overlooked for their nutty cousins but are packed with so much goodness. They are also versatile enough to fit into most children's diet one way or another, sometimes without them even knowing! (Bonus.)

So if you'd like to boost your children's nutrition intake, we think seeds are a great way to go. Here's why.

1. They’re packed with fibre.

Fibre is essential for good gut health in both children and adults, helping to feed the good bacteria that live there, and keep things moving regularly too. Eating a high-fibre diet can reduce your childs' risk of developing chronic disease later in life.

Children need somewhere between 14-22g fibre/day (depending on age and gender). Eating just 2 tbsp of mixed seeds a day can add between 6-8g of fibre. For comparison, your average Helga's traditional vegemite sandwich tallies about 3g. 

2. They are rich in good fats.

These good fats, the 'unsaturated' ones, are the type that help to keep our brains and heart healthy. Eaten regularly, they can also help protect against various chronic diseases too, including heart disease and diabetes.

The fat content of seeds also means they are a good energy source, making them great for growing bodies too.

3. You can add them to (nearly) anything.

One of the key reasons we think seeds are so great for children, is because of how versatile they are.

Why not try:

  • Adding a handful to smoothies
  • Sprinkling them on porridge or weetbix
  • Mixing through a pasta sauce
  • Baking them into muffins, cakes and cookies
  • Making seed butter toast or sandwiches (note: some mixed seed butters will also contain nuts, so may not be appropriate for lunchboxes at school or kinder where a no-nuts policy is in place)

Yep… you name it, seeds go with it*.

And if your child just doesn't like finding 'little bits' in their food, seed butters are great too. Tahini (ground sesame seeds) can be added to just about anything. Try thinly spreading on toast or stirring a spoonful through porridge to add a nutrition boost, minus 'bits'.

Did you know?

Because we love seeds so much, we add them to our products too. You'll find plenty of chia seeds in our Raspberry Bircher Bites. Our Raw Peppermint Chocolate Date Balls are also packed with ground up sunflower seeds, making it easier for your children to get their daily seed fix. 



 *We think.
Always choose foods that are suitable for your childs age and stage of development. For younger children, very small seeds like chia seeds are best. Seed butters should be mixed through other foods (like porridge), or thinly spread on other foods to reduce the risk of choking.

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