Toddler & child meal plans

Toddler & child meal plans

Wondering what on earth your child should be eating in a day? These meal plans have been dietitian-designed (like our products!) to meet the requirements of the Australian Dietary Guidelines for toddlers and children.

Of course, there are many many different ways to meet the guidelines; these are just examples. Follow them exactly if you like, or swap out some items for other favourites. Better yet, use this as a guide to the types and amounts of foods to offer your child, but vary up the options from day to day. That way, you'll maximise the nutrients over a day/week/month (those 'variety' and 'eat a rainbow' messages are important, if a little dusty).

The key take-away? Children's nutrition needs are quite high with all that growing and developing they are doing, so fuelling their day with lots of whole foods and plenty of vegetables (wherever you can get them in) will help make sure their bodies have all the nutrients they need to do said growing/developing.

If you'd like to read and understand more about children's nutrition needs, read our blog: 'what should your toddler/child eat in a day?'.

For individual nutrition advice, speak to your GP or an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

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